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Yoga Teacher

Emily owns and manages Dillsburg Yoga. After practicing and studying yoga for many years, she traveled to Vancouver Island, British Columbia to complete her yoga teacher training. She lived and camped on a small herb and vegetable farm, while immersing herself in the study of yoga and natural living. She honors the practice of yoga and its ability to influence our lives for the better. With true intention, positive change is possible. Emily sees yoga as a deeply nourishing and connective practice.

Emily also has an academic background in science and philosophy; in particular with human physiology and integrative approaches to health. She is a certified biology & environmental educator with teaching experience in local public schools and at a Montessori school. Emily has had a variety of experiences in her life, from living & exploring the magic of the island of Oahu, Hawai'i, working at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History botany department, supporting and experiencing work on a small, sustainable vegetable farm and more, but she feels most at home studying, practicing and sharing yoga & herbalism! 

She is currently studying vitalist herbalism through the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. Emily's intentions are to integrate both the philosophies of yoga & herbalism in her teaching and to work toward fostering an environment where people can make connections and develop stronger relationships with themselves, with others and with the Earth, our home. 

Emily is a yoga teacher, herbalist and earth community activist. She looks forward to working with you- in hopes of sharing the wisdom of yoga and growing through slowing down, gaining presence and learning yoga in a fundamentally holistic way.



Pilates Teacher

Dianne has been a fitness instructor for over twenty years. She retired from the Office of Attorney General in 2013, after twenty-five years of consumer advocacy. Self-taught at first, she practiced traditional Pilates in the 1990s, then progressed to three levels of the Jonathan Urla series (known as “Yogilates”) which fused aspects of Yoga and Pilates, in the 2000s. In 2015, she became certified in the Eve Gentry technique.



Yoga Teacher

Shea moved to Mechanicsburg from Northern Maryland in 2010 a few months after graduating from York College, with a Bachelor's degree in Professional Writing. It was in college that she was first introduced to Yoga in a gym class. Yoga became the perfect compliment to her number one passion in life, rock climbing. Shea coached the climbing team at the Climbnasium for eight years, before stepping down after having her daughter, Brigid. She remains on the staff as an instructor for private lessons. Shea enjoys an active, dynamic style of yoga, and is currently studying to receive her RYT 200 from Cindy Beers, owner of Red Head Yoga. When not doing yoga or climbing, Shea can be found hiking, reading, cooking, or playing the piano.

Christine Crabtree.jpg


Yoga Teacher

Christine grew up in a little town of 1000 people outside of Bozeman, Montana. She graduated from the University of Hawaii at Hilo with a B.S. in Geology. Christine was first introduced to yoga while living in the darkness of Iceland in 2001, during a student exchange. She practiced yoga for seventeen years before becoming a 200 HR RYT yoga teacher. She is currently studying to receive her 500 HR RYT.


Her passion to share yoga is easy to feel in her fun and flowing classes. Christine strives to give each student the instruction they need to feel safe in every pose. Her number one goal is safety. She enjoys teaching all levels of yoga and firmly believes YOGA IS FOR EVERY BODY! Christine also believes in respecting all cultures and religions. She carefully creates classes to protect student’s beliefs and ensure an accepting and non-judgmental space.


Christine lives in Dillsburg on a little farm with her two small children, husband and Cookie the super dog.

Adrianne Barger.jpg


Yoga Teacher

Adrianne came to the mat early in high school, gravitating towards a very active practice of arm balances and inversions. At the start of 2019, she started a practice of Acro-yoga. After diving deeper into the practice of yoga, she quickly learned that it is about much more than a physical practice and is to be practiced off the mat. Adrianne completed Om My Yoga's 200 hour teacher training during the spring of 2019. She has experience teaching both in and out of a studio setting. Adrianne is constantly growing and evolving as a teacher, but the heart of her teaching has always been about serving others. She strives to teach yoga in a way that includes everyone, seeing as though everyone’s practice is unique to them. By offering a balance of breath work and mindful movements, her classes offer an opportunity to connect with the physical and energetic body.

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Yoga Teacher

Jennifer is a compassionate inspiration to create a life you love. It is important to her to

hold space for others to feel appreciated, supported, inspired, and optimistic. She is the

sole proprietor of Holistic Hearts, where she offers a variety of holistic healing services.

Along her path she has become a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified reflexologist, a

registered yoga teacher (RYT200), and an artist. She has strengthened her skills by

pursuing and practicing ReikiSound, animal Reiki, animal communication, crystal Reiki,

art therapy, color therapy, henna art, and spiritual healing. She is actively seeking more

knowledge and experience with life coaching, Ayurveda, and exploring deeper in yoga

and therapeutic art. She is learning through her own experiences and under mentors to

better connect with others in private sessions, social gatherings, workshops and

retreats. Jennifer is grateful for all the tools she has on hand to utilize with her own

healing and share to with others.


Jennifer’s own life has its challenges in which she feels are important life lessons.

Gradually loosing her eyesight to Stargardts (a hereditary form of macular

degeneration) she has received a different perspective about the world she sees.

Though she is losing her eyesight, she is strengthening her vision. She and her

husband homeschool their two sets of twins in what they have called, “Elements of Life

Academy.” As a family they have fun, imagine, create, study and practice the “one heart

way” through Isshinryu karate, learn life lessons, address their individual needs, build

confidence and awareness, embark on family adventures, explore nature, and always

remind each other that everyone has a story. Jennifer believes there are opportunities

every day to create a life you love.

Emily Cope.JPG

Emily Cope

Yoga Teacher

Emily is a Dillsburg native who moved west in 2011 where she stayed for 9 years. During her time there she fell in love with the practice of yoga. She completed a 200 HR RYT in 2013 and dove head first into teaching. She taught a wide variety of classes ranging from chair yoga, in retirement communities, to yoga for athletes. She attended many yoga trainings and workshops which continually showed her how deeply healing, potent and unique a yoga practice can be. Emily moved back to Dillsburg in early 2020. Since that time her movement practice and studies have been focused on subtle modalities that complement yoga such as the Feldenkrais Method and Body Mind Centering. 


Emily is passionate about allowing the process of coherent movement to unfold, where blissful ease, pleasure and capacity naturally flow. She sees this process as being unique to every person and aims to provide guidance that allows one to modify their practice to suit their individual context. Her practices are light and playful, often employing specific uses of imagination and awareness. 


Outside of movement Emily is passionate about regenerative agriculture, art and enjoying life.

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